Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board- Up to 50% Discount (All Accessories)

Are you a Water-Sport lover? Looking for an amazing discounted deals on Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board? You are at the right place. Here we have listed the best Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board that comes with up to 50% discounted price. Along with this you will get all accessories free with the paddle board. Find the description and features here and make your right purchasing decision this summer.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Aquaplanet 10ft: Discount 46%

If you are looking everything in lesser price then this product will be the best for you. You will get everything in great value for money. In such an amazing discount you can have more fun and get a good quality Paddle Board.

What you will get?

In this set, you will get air pump with pressure gauge, rucksack (heavy duty), Aluminium floating paddle (adjustable), repair kit, premium leash, and 4 kayak seat rings.

Why you must buy Aquaplanet?

  • Tough Grip (EVA Deck): In this paddle board, you will find 4 D-rings that let you include kayak seat that can change the board in canoe.
  • Fuse Laminated (Premium Value Housing): It comprises of an adjustable valve with attached spanner. The SUP valve of this paddle is housed in rubber that comes with D ring that offers the coiled safety. This will help in keeping you close to the paddle board every time.
  • Multi-Cell construction: With this type of construction, it is easier to inflate as it maintains wonderful rigidity.
  • Storage Area (Backpack): It has its own bag that makes easier to carry. This waterproof bag is quite big where you can hold water bottle or wetsuit safely.
  • Adjustable Fins: For extra stability, you will find large detachable fins that keep the board in line. The fins make the paddle board so stable that it can easily handle swells and waves.


Where you can use?

The Aquaplanet Paddle board is suitable for lakes, canals, rivers, and seas. This is an ideal product that you can use for touring, surfing, yoga, and racing.

Bluefin with Multiple Sizes 10’8, 12’, 15’: Discount (26%)

If your important factor of buying a paddle board is warranty then this product is the best for you. The Bluefin comes with 5 year warranty. An outstanding customer support is there to solve all your issues that you have with board.

Bluefin Inflatable Paddle Board

What you will get?

In this affordable price, you will get Bluefin cruise inflatable SUP board, travel backpack, Lock fin, Action pump, repair kit, waterproof phone case, leg leash, kayak paddle and conversion seat, SUP Paddle and fibreglass shaft, and instructions.

Why you must buy Bluefin Paddleboard?

  • ESL Technology: In Bluefin, you will find Exo Surface Laminate technology to give ultra-tough and UV proof decks. This will increase its durability.
  • Diamond Deckpad: The paddle has non-slippery croco-diamond shaped pad which is quite comfortable underfoot. It offers amazing grip and traction. You will find kickpad at the last side of the board for sharp and carving turns.
  • Storage/ Backpack: You can put back and strap padding, wide straps, zipper webbing. You will find extra pockets outside. You can put all accessories inside this bag and you can hold it without any fuss.
  • Convertible: You can use it for kayaking and as a stand-up paddle board. If you feel tired with stand up paddle boarding, then you can change it into the kayaking.


  • Pump: In this kit, you will find a double action pump for inflate and deflate. This is quite slim and lightweight having an ergonomic gripping. You can easily fit this into back pack.
  • GoPro Mount: In this set, you will find camera also that let you shoot endless footage even on the water. This camera is fitted into the board to increase the security and reliability.
  • Double Side Rails: The paddle comes with double layer side rails that are reinforced via 500 denier PVC fabric.